News from NDI: Launch of DemTools 2.0 Advances Democratic Politics

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December 2015

DemTools Launch

On December 9, over 300 people attended, in person or via livestream, NDI's unveiling of DemTools 2.0, a new online, open-source toolbox to help civic groups manage data, and better prepare governments to better understand and respond to citizens' concerns. Rep. Anna Eshoo, the co-chair of the Congressional Internet Caucus, and Governor Howard Dean gave keynote remarks at the launch event. 

The purpose of the udpated DemTools is to provide easily accessible and adaptable information technology for civil society organizations, political parties and parliaments without the need to purchase expensive software or to hire high-priced software developers.  Read more »

Campaign Schools Mobilize Thousands Across Middle East and North Africa

Campaign School Infographic

Even in the most open political environments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, aspiring political actors have lacked experience, knowledge and exposure to democratic processes, particularly when it comes to running for office. Recognizing this need, NDI launched the Regional Campaign Schools program in the MENA region in 2012, training a total of 328 individuals who later trained over 15,000 other activists. Read more »

High Expectations for Democracy in Burkina Faso After 2015 Elections

Burkina Faso CODEL PVT Room

November 29 marked a historic transition to democratic rule in Burkina Faso, as the country held the fairest and most competitive elections since its independence from France in 1960. An October 2014 popular uprising toppled President Blaise Compaoré, who tried to amend the country's constitution and extend his 27-year rule. To provide Burkina’s citizens with high-quality, impartial information on the quality of their elections, NDI supported civil society to undertake two complementary, nationwide election monitoring initiatives. Read more »

A New National Assembly for Venezuela

Venezuela National Assembly

Against the backdrop of growing authoritarian rule and a worsening economic crisis, Venezuelans went to the polls on December 6 to elect a new legislature. The ruling party of President Nicolas Maduro experienced an unprecedented defeat as Venezuelans turned out in large numbers and voted decisively to put the country’s National Assembly under the control of the opposition -- Democratic Unity Table (Mesa de Unidad Democrática, MUD) -- for the first time in 17 years. Read more »

10 Years of the House Democracy Partnership

Venezuela National Assembly

Members of Congress, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, commemorated the 10th anniversary of the House Democracy Partnership (HDP) -- a legislative initiative to help build the capacity of parliaments around the world to govern with greater accountability and become more responsive to citizen needs. The Partnership is co-chaired by Representatives Peter Roskam (R-IL) and David Price (D-NC). During a period of heightened political polarization, the HDP sends a bipartisan message of solidarity and partnership with democratic legislatures around the world. Read more »

DemWorks Blog | Women's Participation Will Build a Better Future for Lebanon

Lebanon WiP Photo

Since 2012, NDI has worked with the Lebanese Women in Parliament, a coalition of women’s groups and activists, as it developed its strategy and messages for political leaders, presenting evidence-based arguments for why women’s participation contributes to better governance. Now, the coalition is convening MPs and civil society to discuss how to implement a gender quota in Lebanon's parliament. ​ Read more »

DemWorks Blog | Venezuela, Burma, Burkina Faso: Connect the Democratic Dots…

Burmese anti-government protests

In the four weeks between November 8 and December 6, 2015, the citizens of Myanmar (Burma), Burkina Faso and Venezuela delivered surprises: resounding electoral defeats to military rule, strongman domination and populist authoritarianism. These developments are the consequence of perseverance by democratic activists. ​ Read more »


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