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Latin America Regional Programs

Voice of America (Ukrainian) | Link to story» "Важливо, щоб виборча кампанія не додавала до цієї нестабільності, не була направлена на подальше роздроблення суспільства", - Лора Джуетт, NDI. Link to story»
Malawi Voice | Link to story» After privately owned broadcaster Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) successfully held the first ever presidential runningmates' debates, the May 20 Tripartite polls' thrilling moments are set to reach its summit with presidential debates coming on April 22, courtesy of the National Media Institute of Southern Africa (NAMISA)-Malawi chapter.
Nyasa Times | Link to story» The media in Malawi has been asked to level the playing field in its reporting in the run up to the country's May 20 tripartite elections. The call comes from a media monitoring and evaluation unit established to monitor fairness and accuracy in reporting the May 20 presidential, parliamentary and local government polls.
NPR Morning Edition | Link to story» Iraq is suffering the worst spate of violence in many years — some say the worst since the height of the U.S. war in 2008. On Friday, dozens of people were killed at an election rally in Baghdad. This Wednesday, Iraqis will go to the polls in the first parliamentary election since the U.S. pulled combat troops out in 2011.
Nyasa Times | Link to story» For the first time in the history of democracy in Malawi, the country will hold presidential candidate debates which are slated forApril 22 and 29 and May 6, 2014 organised by the National Media Institute of Southern Africa—Malawi Chapter—and approved by Malawi Electoral Commission.
The Atlantic | Link to story» On Saturday, amid the cold and rain, an estimated 7 million Afghans headed to the polls to choose from a roster of presidential candidates whose average age is 63.
All Africa | Link to story» Dozens of youths from different parts of Mauritania gathered in Nouakchott to attend a three-day leadership and communication training workshop focusing on public policy. The training ended on Saturday (January 18th) and was organised by an NGO called "Citizens Standing" (CCD) in partnership with the Cultural Co-operation and Action Department (SCAC) of the French embassy in Mauritania and the US National Democratic Institute (NDI).
Voice of America | Link to story» Political reporters are learning how to focus their coverage of Malawi’s next national elections on issues of health, schools and roads that will affect voters in the rural areas of the country. Two workshops have been run by the Institute on War and Peace Reporting and are funded by the National Democratic Institute. A third will he held in April.
Malawi Voice | Link to story» Voters in Chikwawa District will have the opportunity to meet their shadow parliamentarians and ward councilors face to face in preparedness of the May 20 tripartite elections, courtesy of Centre for Children's Affairs Malawi.