Subnational Governance
Subnational Governance

NDI supports subnational government institutions and leadership around the world in developing stronger relationships with constituents, delivering services, and responding effectively to citizen needs. In addition to providing capacity building training and consultations to local officials, the Institute supports the development of mechanisms to advance the inclusion of women, youth, and other traditionally marginalized populations in government roles, decision-making processes, and policy priorities.    

Transparent and Responsive Subnational Governance:

NDI’s subnational open government program is carried out in partnership with OGP Local to engage local governments more directly with citizens, and harness the innovation and momentum demonstrated by these local governments and civil society partners around the world. This program supports local governments in jointly developing action plans with their communities to identify specific commitments to advance government inclusion, transparency, and responsiveness, modeling the values and principles of the Open Government Declaration and processes. Through the OGP Local cohort and wider network, participating subnational governments are able to exchange experiences and best practices to further enhance openness and transparency efforts at the local level around the world.

Inclusive subnational governance:  

NDI also supports knowledge development and program activities for inclusive governance processes at the local level.  For instance, through the Women, Resilience and Democratic Delivery during COVID program, NDI is working with women’s groups and local governments to support communities’ democratic resilience to shock events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, NDI is developing guidance and training programs centered on local youth councils, as well as enhanced gender assessment and planning capacities

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