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With the ouster of the Morsi government, the United States should formulate a new strategy toward its ally in Cairo that will advance a policy that encourages Egypt not only to transition to representative democratic governance, but also creates a stronger and more inclusive civil society.

A key obstacle to this transformation will be overcoming the Mubarak-era laws targeting and restricting foreign NGO’s.

“The importance of Egypt lifting the NGO law cannot be overstated. Elections, by themselves, do not guarantee a fair, equitable, and sustainable democracy. Moving forward, NGOs can play a key role promoting growth of both effective and transparent democratic institutions and representative political parties.”

By crafting a new policy towards Egypt, one that values civil society growth over military expenditures, we can ensure Cairo does not simply replace one military ruler with another for years to come.

U.S. News & World Report
Published Date: 
Thursday, August 8, 2013 (All day)
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