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The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean

More than 30 years after a wave of democratic change swept through the Americas and enabled citizens to regain fundamental political rights, public confidence in representative institutions remains low. Limited progress in overcoming problems of poverty and corruption, and the marginalization of large sectors of society have weakened the foundation of democratic institutions in a number of countries in the region. Many political leaders and political parties face pressure to become more effective in reaching out to citizens and addressing their needs. 
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NDI has assisted political parties with strengthening their organizations and reaching out to new sectors, and worked to enhance the political participation and skills of representatives of underrepresented sectors.
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NDI focuses on strengthening the leadership capacity and political engagement of women and indigenous people, as well as increasing outreach to these sectors of the population. 
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Haiti continues its consolidation of democracy, but high poverty rates, limited access to education, corruption and a winner-takes-all political culture have hindered that process. Since 1986, NDI has worked with Haitian political and civic leaders to strengthen democratic practices and institutions.
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NDI is working with Honduran election observation groups to promote their capacity to monitor pre-election and election-day conditions in the areas of decision-making, division of labor, project planning and outreach strategies.
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NDI offers technical assistance to civic groups promoting community development and the political rights of the disabled, works with young leaders from political parties, and works with women legislators to help reduce the gender disparity in policy areas within Congress.
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Providing support for nonpartisan election observation groups, enhancing the media's capacity to increase public engagement with the electoral process, and helping political parties with reform are goals of the Institute's programs.
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Latin American Regional Programs

NDI's regional programs exchange best democratic practices throughout Latin America and enable NDI to address issues that span national boundaries.

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Central American Citizen Security

Responding to the concern of Central American citizens over their governments' ability to address security issues in the region, NDI has worked since 2010 to help public officials, political party and civil society leaders create responsive citizen security policies; facilitate regional coordination on citizen security; and assist local leaders with violence prevention initiatives.
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Past Programs

Information on programs in other countries where the Institute has worked.
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