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11/06/2012 09:00
11/06/2012 17:00
America/New York
Kinshasa, DRC

The whole world will be watching the results of the U.S. election.  In Kinshasa, DRC, the U.S. Embassy and NDI, in recognition of the global ramifications of the U.S. elections, will host an election watch event, during which 400-500 Congolese and Americans will participate.  The event will include speeches, panel discussions, educational stalls and a mock voting booth where Congolese will have the chance to "cast their vote."

To help underscore the connection between America and the world, we invite Americans, especially those with ties to the Congo as well as those who care deeply about the U.S. role in the world, to send tweets using  #USelectionDRC in English or in French regarding your election day experience; what your hopes are for the next U.S. president’s domestic priorities; and what are your hopes for the next administration’s policies toward Africa and Congo.

Your comments will be posted on a large screen that will feature prominently at the event.

Go global with your ideas on the U.S. election on election day.  Tweet using #USelectionDRC!