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The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

11/14/2012 20:00
11/14/2012 22:00
America/New York
Woolly Mammoth Theatre, 641 D St., NW

You for Me for You, written by Korean American playwright Mia Chung, tells the story of two North Korean sisters - Yuna and Minjee. Facing starvation at the hands of the North Korean regime, they make a bargain with a smuggler to flee to the United States. When one sister is denied passage because she is too weak to make the treacherous trans-Pacific crossing, the other sister vows to race across time and space and return to save Minjee. However, the free world is not without its challenges. It offers Yuna a distracting bounty of choices and time moves much faster than in North Korea. Directed by Russian director Yury Urnov, this delicate story awakens us to life for North Koreans inside and outside the rigid borders of an ominous regime.

The play will be preceded by an exhibit by artist Song Byeok. Song Byeok is a world-renowned contemporary artist who escaped from North Korea in 2001 after years of working as a state-sponsored painter for the Kim regime. Many articles have featured his work and his transformation from propagandist to satirist. Song will describe his journey and will be present to answer questions about his work.

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