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The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) deployed about 4,500 trained, accredited, nonpartisan rapid response observers throughout Ghana. Of this figure, 1,500 were parallel vote tabulation (PVT) observers. These observers were Ghanaians, from every walk of life, who volunteered their time to help ensure that every registered voter could freely cast his or her ballot on election day. This enabled the people of Ghana to have independent, nonpartisan information on the conduct of these elections. CODEO PVT observers were stationed at nationally representative, randomly sampled polling stations spread across the 275 constituencies located in the 10 regions of Ghana.

The mid-day statement is based on reports CODEO has received from PVT observers, regional coordinators and constituency supervisors. It focuses on the setting up and opening of polling stations.

The preliminary statement provides CODEO’s assessment of the overall election day process including the opening of poll stations, voting, and counting.

The statement on the official presidential results affirms that the results announced by the Election Commission accurately reflect the ballots cast by voters.

Learn more about CODEO by visiting their website or their Facebook page. You can also read about their PVT efforts in Africa Confidential.

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