Director of Citizen Participation and Inclusion

Aaron Azelton serves as the National Democratic Institute’s director of citizen participation and inclusion programs. He is a civic engagement specialist who has helped design and implement inclusive citizen participation programs at NDI since 1992. In his current position, Aaron supports NDI initiatives by providing guidance on community organizing, advocacy, government monitoring, civic education and nonprofit organizational development. He also guides the Institute's work to increase the political inclusion of marginalized communities.  As part of this role, he directs a global small grants program that funds organizations led by marginalized people working to secure human rights and achieve social justice outcomes.  Aaron also frequently serves as a facilitator helping local civic organizations develop strategic outlooks, structure partnerships, plan collective action, and undertake internal reforms. He has provided direct technical assistance to groups in more than 40 countries and technical leadership to aid agencies through research, analysis and policy feedback related to citizen participation and inclusion issues.

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