Alexander Chavarría

Kosovo Resident Senior Director

Alexander Chavarría is the resident senior director for NDI in Kosovo. He previously served as the resident director in Liberia and the director for the citizen participation program of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador. He has served as an international consultant on issues of democracy and governance for the IADB, International Budget Program, Parliamentarians for Habitat Group and OAS.

Mr. Chavarría co-founded, assisted and later served as an advisor for the Legislative Development Program (PRODEL) for the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica. He has also served as international consultant in legislative modernization programs in Guatemala and as legislative advisor for the House of Representatives of the Texas Legislature. Mr. Chavarría has also been an international observer for the OAS during the 2004 El Salvador presidential elections. He has been a lecturer and presenter at: the 5th World Forum of Parliamentarians for Habitat, in Rabat, Morocco, 2005; IX International Congress of the Latin-American Administration Center for Development (CLAD) on State reforms and Public Administration in Madrid, Spain, 2004; Legislative Presidents of Central America and the Caribbean Forum on “a model for university technical assistance for legislative modernization,” in the Dominican Republic, 2000; and the 2nd International Conference on Legislative Strengthening in Virginia, USA, 2000.

A Costa Rica native, Mr. Chavarría holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, a master’s in political science from Texas State University, and is a graduate of the “licenciatura” program of University of Costa Rica, Political Science School.  His publications include: master's thesis, Texas State University, 1998, “A Model for Legislative Modernization: The Case of Costa Rica and Guatemala;”  co-authored Liquidación del Fondo Nacional de Contingencias Agrícolas: anteproyecto de ley,  Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, Center for Democracy and USAID,  San José, Costa Rica,  1995; and The Legislative Assembly and its Deputies 1994-1998.  Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, University of Costa Rica and the Legislative Development Program,  San José, Costa Rica,  1995.  He also was the editor and concept developer of the “Modernization Committee Informative Bulleting” for the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, 2001-2005.

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