Chris Henshaw

North Macedonia Resident Senior Director

Chris Henshaw is NDI's resident senior director in North Macedonia. Earlier for NDI, he conducted seminars in Albania on political organization and election campaign management in 2003. He joined NDI full-time in 2005 with more than 20 years of experience as a political organizer and campaign manager in local, regional, national and European elections. Previous to his current post with the Institute, Mr. Henshaw was a senior equalities manager for one of the largest and most diverse boroughs in London, where he worked with national and regional bodies and government departments, and advised politicians and senior managers on the implementation of government directives and new legislation. Mr. Henshaw has also developed an international reputation for his advisory educational work in the field of equal opportunities. His extensive background in political, educational and international affairs has led him to consultancies with organizations in the U.K., Denmark, Germany, Holland, Russia and Sweden. Mr. Henshaw earned his BSc Honors from the University of Wales and his diploma in education from the University of London.resident senior director in Macedonia

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