Doreen Williams Kiani

Pakistan Resident Director

Doreen Kiani has over thirty years of political experience from doing campaign field work to training poll-watchers to formulating campaign strategy. Ms. Kiani worked in a senior policy position as Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs to the Governor of New York, and was a member of Community Board 6 in Manhattan. Thereafter, Ms.Kiani ran a USAID - funded governance program throughout Indonesia when Indonesia first became a democracy, working with both legislators and executive office officials. Ms. Kiani has also served as an official international election observer in both Cambodia and the Solomon Islands. Running a small NGO, she implemented an aid project for orphans in the then conflict area of Aceh, Indonesia and thereafter established a women's vocational center in the earthquake-hit area of Azad Kashmir. Ms. Kiani has worked as a governance consultant in Pakistan on various projects. She has completed the study of the Quran, studied Hanafi fiqh, and has drafted legislation that is both sharia compliant and supportive of democratic principles. Ms. Kiani is currently writing a biography of General Vo Nguyen Giap. Doreen Kiani was graduated from Columbia University in New York City and attended John's Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.

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