Kenza Aqertit

Burma Resident Senior Director

Kenza Aqertit is the country director for NDI-Burma/Myanmar. She worked previously as country director in Nepal. Ms. Aqertit brings substantial field experience and expertise in managing and implementing democracy-building programs in Middle East and North Africa, West Africa and Asia. In particular, Ms. Aqertit has led programs in political party development, legislative strengthening, women’s political participation and elections in Jordan, Kuwait, Liberia, Morocco and Nepal. She also contributed to NDI’s programs in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and Mauritania. Ms. Aqertit served as deputy regional director of programs in charge of Asia and Latin America at the Canadian International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development in Montreal from 2011 - 2012.Ms. Aqertit earned a master’s degree in public and international affairs on a Fulbright scholarship from the University of Pittsburgh, and a fellowship from Stanford. She is fluent in Arabic, Berber, English and French; intermediate in Russian and Spanish, and learning Nepali.

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