Marie-Ève Bilodeau

Haiti Resident Senior Director

Marie-Ève Bilodeau is NDI’s senior country director in Haiti. She previously worked for the Institute in the Republic of Tunisia and the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, as well as the Islamic Republics of Mauritania and Pakistan, among other locations. She is a political, legislative and policy advisor with experience in both the government and the non-profit sectors, as well as in the development of electoral and communication strategies. Since joining NDI in 2009, Bilodeau has designed, managed, implemented and provided overall leadership on programs aimed at political party leaders and officials, civil society representatives, parliamentarians and journalists. Bilodeau has supported NDI’s partners in reinforcing a wide range of skills, as well as in developing and evaluating electoral programs, party rules and regulations, and nationwide campaigns and initiatives, including membership recruitment, fundraising, advocacy and legislation.

Before joining the Institute, Bilodeau worked for Médecins Sans Frontières in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She also served as an advisor for the Canadian Executive Service Organization in Haiti, as a governance, communications and development advisor for Oxfam in the Republic of Benin, and as a gender equity advisor for the program support unit of the Canadian International Development Agency.

Prior to her career in international development, Bilodeau worked on Parliament Hill in Canada for seven years as a policy, political and legislative advisor for two federal ministers (Industry and Health portfolios) and a senator. She served as a political strategist and an election organizer for two Canadian prime ministers. She was a political party activist for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) for more than 16 years and she was part of the LPC national headquarters for the 2005-2006 federal election. Bilodeau also ran for federal office in Canada in 2004.

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