Zuzana Papazoski

Poland Resident Director

Zuzana Papazoski is the resident director for NDI in Poland. Ms. Papazoski manages NDI's Western Balkan Legislative Strengthening program, a multi-year effort to increase collaboration between the parliaments of Western and Central Europe and the Western Balkans through cross-border and regional exchanges from the Institute's office in Bratislava, Slovakia.

A long-time NDI staff member, Ms. Papazoski previously oversaw the Institute's parliamentary program in Montenegro, where she worked extensively with helping the Montenegrin parliament develop and adopt new rules of procedures and structures that emphasized more transparency and accountability in national policymaking. She originally joined NDI in 2000, managing NDI's parliamentary program in her native Slovakia.

Ms. Papazoski has demonstrated regional expertise through her work as a trainer, election monitor and legislative consultant in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Montenegro and Ukraine, as well as in efforts undertaken with UNDP, OSCE/ODIHR, UNMIK and Freedom House. She also has extensive experience providing strategic guidance to political parties, and has helped design several local and regional political campaigns.

Ms. Papazoski was a co-founder, legal advisor and board member of Civic Eye/Obcianske Oko, a Bratislava-based domestic election monitoring and civic advocacy organization. Earlier, she was the project manager of youth election programs for the Association in Support of Local Democracy.

Ms. Papazoski earned her master's in law from Comenius University in Bratislava. She is fluent in Czech, English, Slovak and Polish, with a working knowledge of German and Serbo-Croatian.

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