Request for Proposal (RFP) - Movement Based Parties and Partnerships for Change

Friday, April 14, 2023

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NDI is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants / firms to provide technical assistance in the development of our training module "Partnerships for Change" for a period between June 1 to July 30, 2023 and containing approximately 10 to 20  consultant working days (please specify your proposed number of working days in your proposal).

The training module shall consist of materials  for a single training (see list below) for reform-minded political party members  on the module topic of building a coalition for democratic change in order to sustain electoral success and implement the party's agenda without compromising on democratic principles. The training module should be deliverable in separate versions for both one or two full days of training and should be sufficiently documented such that it can be delivered by NDI staff and/or other consultants selected by NDI.

The module will be designed with the potential for use together with the four training modules previously developed by NDI or as a stand alone module. This includes but it not limited to developing the following for the module:

  • Workshop agendas
  • PPT presentations adaptable for different regional contexts
  • Participant handouts, worksheets, and exercises
  • A trainer guidance document;
  • Feedback questionnaires to be completed by training participants for use in MEL activities

All final proposals should be submitted via email to [email protected] at the National Democratic Institute by 5:00 pm ET on May 19, 2023. For more details, please refer to RFP attached.

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