Request for Proposals: Fundraising Technical Assistance in Nigeria

Friday, May 17, 2019


The National Democratic Institute (NDI or the Institute) requests proposals to strengthen the fundraising capacity of its civil society group partners in the areas described below. Bids should be submitted to Iris Navarro de Tomas by June 7, 2019. Submissions should be electronic.



Since 2014, NDI has been implementing its Electoral Empowerment of Civil Society Project (EECSP). Under this program, NDI has been supporting Nigerian civil society organizations (CSOs) to observe electoral processes and conduct advocacy campaigns to advance the participation of marginalized groups. One of the program objectives aims to improve management within these Nigerian CSOs. To date NDI has been providing technical assistance in five key areas: subgrant administration, financial management, internal governance, operations and human resources. The technical assistance is tailored to each partner's needs to strengthen their organizational systems. In its last year of the program, NDI seeks to engage two (one Nigeria-based* and one international) firms, consultants or organizations (hereby referred to as Bidders) to address potential areas of growth in the fundraising skills of each partner, and to develop and carry out tailored training and skill development modules. This capacity development will better prepare partner organizations to pursue, compete for and manage direct donor funding and implement their strategic plans.

*The Nigeria-based Bidder would be a local Nigerian organization, firm or consultant and not an international organization or firm with a satellite office in Nigeria.


Scope of services

To encourage growth in the partners’ fundraising capacity, NDI seeks to work with a Nigeria-based and an international Bidder to develop and implement the tailored training plans. Trainings would focus on Nigeria-based and international donor identification, similar to mapping exercises; as well as fundraising strategies to target donors; non-profit business planning; and proposal and budget development. The Bidders will also train partners on monitoring and evaluation best practices to analyze impacts and how to communicate program successes to donors in order to attract more funding. The Bidders will coordinate with NDI staff based in Nigeria and Washington, D.C. during the design and implementation of the trainings.

Nigeria-based Bidder: The Nigeria-based Bidder will provide expertise in the fundamentals of fundraising, donor research and mapping, and effective proposal writing. As such, the Nigeria-based Bidder will work with partners to build skills in raising funds from private foundations as well as philanthropies and corporate donors. The Bidder will also help partners to assess their evolving needs, and help them understand the fundamentals of fundraising as well as donor regulations and develop strategies to obtain funds. The Nigeria-based Bidder will train key staff of eight designated Nigerian CSOs in July and August of 2019, with potential additional support later in the year based on needs as identified by NDI. The Bidder will determine the number of training sessions, the curriculum and practical exercises, which members of each partner organization will need to attend the training, and how partner organizations will be grouped for each training session. All training sessions will take place in Abuja, Nigeria.

International Bidder: The international Bidder will provide technical expertise in identifying, reaching and raising funds from bilateral governmental donor agencies and other international donors. The international bidder will have prior experience teaching business development for non-governmental organizations in regards to bilateral donors, including but not limited to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID). As such, the international bidder will train partners to access donor forecasts, prepare for and respond to requests for applications or proposals (RFAs and RFPs) and to competitive bids. Trainings will also help partners better understand international donor regulations and proposal submission best practices. The international bidder will also prepare partners to proactively respond to new opportunities in their mission area and seek funding to address those. The international Bidder will train key staff of three designated Nigerian CSOs in September 2019, with potential additional support later in the year based on needs. The Bidder will determine the number of training sessions, the curriculum and practical exercises, which members of each partner organization will need to attend the training, and how partner organizations will be grouped for each training session. All training will take place in Abuja, Nigeria.

Once the bidders have been selected and after initial conversations on the training curriculums, NDI would support and encourage any potential collaboration needed between the Nigeria-based and international Bidders so as to avoid any duplication.


Proposal information

Proposals can be based on an hourly, daily or per training rate. Proposals should include: a profile and relevant background of the bidder, CV of trainer(s); background on trainer(s) and their experience; sample training; list of previous clients; and a draft training plan with a timeline. Proposals should include a detailed budget containing ALL COSTS, including staff time and projected communication and travel expenses.

Please submit proposals and any questions via e-mail to Iris Navarro de Tomas at [email protected] by June 7, 2019 at 5:00 PM EST.

NDI will evaluate bids based on the Bidders’ ability to meet description of product needed, experience and price.

NDI reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  NDI reserves the right to consider bids for modification at any time before a contract is awarded. NDI shall not be liable for any costs associated with the preparation, transmittal, or presentation of any materials submitted in response to the RFP.  NDI reserves the right before making an award to inspect the proposed bidders’ facilities or equipment, to conduct interviews, and to conduct reference checks with the bidders’ past clients. Proposals are expected to be binding for a period of eight months from the published response date.

Bidders must provide disclosure of any known past, present or future relationships with any parties associated with NDI and its civil society partners.  For example, applicant should disclose if a member of their Board or staff is also a member of a partner's Board or staff currently or in the past. The bidder also certifies that the prices offered were arrived at independently and without purpose of restricting competition with other offerers including but not limited to subsidiaries and that prices have not been and will not be knowingly disclosed to any other offerer unless required by law.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in NDI having to re-evaluate the selection of a potential bid.


About NDI

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