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Monday, May 9, 2022

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CEPPS is seeking a graphic designer to assist in the production of public-facing materials. Under the new Democratic Elections and Political Processes (DEPP) Award, CEPPS will contract a vendor to assist in branding and marking of award documentation and deliverables. 

Using a Master Service Agreement (MSA), CEPPS will contract a graphic designer or graphic design firm to produce content.  Under this mechanism, the MSA itself does not authorize any work or guarantee any payment, but rather establishes agreed-upon rates for the work. The work itself is authorized and issued through task orders, which are subordinate agreements that outline a detailed scope, expected deliverables, and timeframe for a specific project. The task order also specifies the maximum number of billable hours or days and includes a cost ceiling for the project, in accordance with the rates listed in the MSA. Payment under the MSA can only be made with a fully executed task order.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General image (JPG, PDF, PNG, etc.) files designed to identify and promote CEPPS entities such as: the podcast, the website, twitter and LinkedIn, and event promotion. 

  • Ensuring DEPP funded deliverables are ADA compliant. 

  • Formatting public facing DEPP information documents.

  • Formatting short DEPP reports (including copy heavy documents).

  • Creation of animated graphic videos containing DEPP deliverables.

  • Creation of DEPP Word templates for internal and external use.

  • Creating visual cohesion among:

    • The DEPP newsletter

    • DEPP PowerPoint templates

    • DEPP letterhead

    • Any public facing DEPP documents

All final proposals should be submitted via email to contact information (same as above) at the National Democratic Institute by 5:00 pm ET on date. For more details please refer to attached RFP.


Media contact

Jerry Hartz

Director of Government Relations and Communications

1 (202) 728-5500

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