NDI Ukraine's latest nationwide survey (completed in December 2017) showed several important trends, including growing support for gender equality in political life. For the first time, more than half of Ukrainians (52 percent) support the equal participation of men and women – or more women than men – in political life.

Several important social trends have been observed in NDI Ukraine's latest nationwide survey, completed in July 2017. These trends include growing support for gender equality in political life, rising demand for a more modern, service-based relationship between government and society, and increased willingness to participate in elections and civic activities.

The National Democratic Institute sought to explore attitudes toward women’s political participation in Ukraine using cutting-edge public opinion research techniques. NDI investigated voter preferences on candidate gender, gender balance and quotas in elected institutions, the role of political parties in women’s political participation, and the barriers women candidates face when running for office.

The democratic values that underpinned Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity in 2014 still unite Ukrainians today, according to NDI public opinion research. Ukrainians have little nostalgia for the pre-revolution government, even among those who voted for opposition parties in October’s parliamentary elections. NDI conducted a nationwide face-to-face survey of 5,842 respondents in April and May, as well as implicit association tests, a method of measuring implicit or underlying attitudes, among 600 Ukrainians.


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