Women Advancing Peace and Security through Reform and Reconciliation in Mali and Burkina Faso

With the advancement of major political reforms and reconciliation initiatives underway in Burkina Faso and Mali, NDI has partnered with local coalitions of civil society organizations focused on promoting women’s rights to amplify women’s voices in these processes. In Burkina Faso, NDI supports the Women, Peace and Security Coalition and, in Mali, partners with the Convergence of Women for Reform and Reconciliation to train women leaders from across the country to gather women’s experiences, concerns, priorities and recommendations; conduct a gender audit of key institutions involved in these processes; and carry out an advocacy campaign for gender-sensitive approaches to these notable political reforms and reconciliation initiatives. This is especially critical as major reforms and reconciliation efforts underway include constitutional reform and truth and reconciliation initiatives and, in Mali’s case, implementation of a peace accord. The program aims to raise public awareness of these processes and women’s perspectives on them, and to encourage decision makers to take into account a diverse array of women’s opinions. Openness and inclusivity of marginalized populations, including women, are key to the success and sustainability of these reform and reconciliation processes.


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