Toolkit for Party Assistance

Monday, October 27, 2014

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The Will, Space, Capacity Toolkit provides a structured approach for examining what drives political party behavior:
  • Political space: the environment in which political parties operate and how they interact with it;

  • Political will: the incentives that influence political parties and the individual actors within them; and

  • Capacity: the skills and resources that parties need to compete in elections, propose policies and contribute to governance.

This approach should provide new insights, strengthening efforts to promote more representative political parties. The Toolkit includes a Political Party Programming Guide and a Context Analysis Tool.  Together, they incorporate accumulated expertise in party assistance, as well as the latest innovations in development aid. For more information please see the Overview of the Will, Space, Capacity Framework.

Video Guide: Will, Space, Capacity Framework for Political Parties

The Context Analysis Tool includes research questions, an interview guide and tips for analyzing the data gathered. ​The Programming Guide outlines issues to consider in designing and managing programs to support the development of democratic political parties. ​

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