Kyiv, Ukraine – The National Democratic Institute (NDI) announced today the arrival of a high-level international delegation to observe the March 31 presidential election in Ukraine. The 32-member delegation includes representatives from nine countries and has been accredited by the Central Election Commission. The delegation will issue a preliminary statement of its findings at a press conference scheduled for April 1.  

Washington, DC - John McCain was a patriot, war hero, and giant of the United States Senate. He was also one of the world’s most vocal and effective champions of human rights and democracy. As Chairman of the National Democratic Institute, it was my privilege to work closely with him in his capacity as Chairman of the International Republican Institute to support democratic movements in every region of the world. He embodied American values, serving and sacrificing to protect liberty and to help freedom flourish.

In remarks at the 10th Anniversary of Georgetown University's Masters Program in Democracy and Governance, NDI President Kenneth Wollack reflected on the state of democracy around the world.

"I confess to be an incurable optimist who for 32 years has worked in the optimism business," Wollack said. "Given negative trends over the past decade... I, like my chairman Madeleine Albright, remain optimistic but, I concede, we are optimists who now worry a lot."

Awardees Include Oxford Internet Institute’s Project on Computational Propaganda (United Kingdom),  (Ukraine), Rappler (Philippines)

Washington, D.C. -- While press coverage on disinformation has focused on Russian interference in the U.S. elections, the problem of disinformation is global in scale. Disinformation poisons democratic discourse, often making it difficult for citizens to distinguish between truth and fiction, or between genuine and manufactured social media conversations.

Monrovia, Liberia - On October 10th, Liberians went to the polls in large numbers in the hope of further consolidating peace and strengthening their democracy. 

According to National Democratic Institute (NDI) delegation co-leader and Regional Director, Chris Fomunyoh, “These elections mark a historic milestone for Liberia. Given the country’s experience of conflict and developmental challenges, Liberians should take great pride in the electoral process the country has conducted thus far.”

Kosovo’s snap parliamentary elections on June 11, 2017, have offered the country an opportunity to move past recent political impasses and reorient political institutions to the pressing needs of its citizens. Continuing a pattern of extraordinary elections, these elections were precipitated by a long-running political crisis set off by the previous parliamentary election, in June 2014. A six-month deadlock over forming the new government led to opposition protests in parliament, some of which turned violent.


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