Change My Community
Change My Community

Change My Community contains tools and guidance for young people to lead local level, grassroots advocacy campaigns. This practical tool, which NDI developed in cooperation with the University of Kansas, contains links to the Community Tool Box, which is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change.The tool box is broken down into four main sections to guide you through the steps required to carry out an effective campaign:

  • The Getting Started sections explains key concepts that you should understand and consider in order to lead an effective campaign for community change, setting the stage for the rest of the tool box.

  • The Campaign Strategy and Planning section covers how to analyze and frame the problem you want to address, develop your campaign strategy and design an action plan to achieve your objective.

  • The Running the Campaign page includes links to resources on core management responsibilities, like managing volunteers, communicating effectively within and outside of your team, managing information, and dealing with personal safety and security.

  • The Reflection page can help you evaluate the ¬†campaign experience and identify lessons for future efforts.


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