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The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

Democracy Dialogue

NDI President Kenneth Wollack (center), with Lorne Craner (left), the president of the International Republican Institute, and Ambassador Robert Neumann at a panel discussion.

Support for democracy has been a priority of U.S. foreign policy since the earliest days of the republic, and its advantages over other forms of government have come to be accepted globally. But there are many manifestations of democratic governance – how it is achieved and how it delivers for its citizens – that are the subject of continuing debate. To help illuminate this debate, NDI has collected commentary from its own experts and others along with some of the key documents upon which democracy programs are based.

Our Perspectives

Commentary from NDI Board members and staff on democracy promotion generally and on specific NDI programs. | Read more »

News and Views

Commentary from experts on the directions and challenges of democracy promotion programs. | Read more »

Key Documents

A library of the basic documents upon which democracy programs are based. | Read more »

New Additions


PBS NewsHour

NDI's Christopher Fomunyoh, director for Central and West Africa programs, speaks with PBS NewsHour about developments in the fight against Boko Haram in Nigeria. 

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Denver Post

In an op-ed in the Denver Post, Bill Ritter, Jr., former governor of Colorado, shares about his experiences observing the March 28 Nigerian presidential and legislative elections as a co-leader of an NDI international observation mission. Ritter praises Nigeria’s Independent National Electional Commission for running a credible and largely peaceful election, Nigerian elected officials for respecting the democratic process and Nigerian voters for their commitment to democracy.

"If we think about the need for the roots of democracy to deepen throughout the developing world, Nigeria's election is a hallmark moment — hopefully a turning point for the country and for the continent,” Ritter said.

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NDI recently partnered with USAID on a civic and voter education initiative in Malawi to provide citizens with the opportunity to hold their elected officials accountable to promises they made on the campaign trail during the May 2014 local and national elections. 

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Saskatoon Star Phoenix

In an op-ed, Rob Norris, ​a member of the NDI ​o​bserver ​d​elegation to Tunisia’s 2014 ​p​residential ​r​un-​o​ff e​lection, praises the country's recent  transfer of power as another step toward a full transition to democracy. Norris notes that in the wake of recent regional instability, it is in the best interest of international partners to continue supporting Tunisians as they build democratic foundations.  Tunisia now has “the potential to be a vital, stable and democratic leader in a rough region.” 

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