Trust, Engagement and Transparency
Trust, Engagement and Transparency
Promoting openness in government



NDI works with governments and civil society around the world to build trust in democratic institutions and political processes through enhanced transparency, political integrity, and service delivery, all through creating sustained two-way engagement, inclusive and citizen-centered policy-making. 

Building Trust through Feedback Loops:

In partnership with Feedback Labs, NDI supports and enhances the implementation of effective strategies for two-way feedback and communication between citizens and elected officials, as a means of supporting more inclusive, citizen-centered governance. NDI is applying an evidence-based methodology to help legislators and their staff to establish cycles of citizen input, policymaking, progress, and feedback in parliament and local government institutions. Through dialogue and demonstrated responsiveness, political representatives can close feedback loops and promote citizen trust.

Government Openness:

Since 2013, NDI has worked with the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to advance transparency initiatives and reforms around the world at the parliamentary, executive, and local levels. With global partners in the Open Parliament e-Network (OPeN) consortium, NDI supports governments, legislatures, and civil society organizations to promote parliamentary openness through the development of commitments related to transparency and access to information, ethics and probity, accountability, and citizen participation. 

Leveraging transparency to combat Illiberal Influences:

In partnership with OGP, NDI is working to analyze and leverage transparency as a tool for democratic resilience against foreign illiberal powers. NDI supports the development and implementation  of transparency strategies that are effective in detecting and countering foreign malign influence.

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