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"Yesterday, S.Batbold, Prime Minister of Mongolia received a delegation headed by Paul Rowland, senior resident director of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Indonesia and Sam Gejdenson, former member of the House of Representatives of the U.S Congress.

"Since 1990, Mongolia has been overcoming its transition period in order to build the democracy and civil society. S.Batbold said the MPRP, other political parties and NGOs thank the NDI for its cooperation and assistance. The Mongolian Premier said the MPRP has gained some achievements during governing the state and the assistance and support from the NDI have contributed significantly. In addition, S.Batbold expressed a hope that the MPRP will develop further collaboration with the NDI in reforming the electoral system and other works. Mr. Gejdenson conveyed a greeting of Mrs. Madeleine Albright, a former U.S Secretary of State, to Mongolia's Premier."

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