Former United States Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa
In 1999, President Bill Clinton nominated Delano as US Ambassador to South Africa. He was confirmed by the United States Senate in November, 1999 and began his Ambassadorship in December, 1999 until July 2001. In the Academic sector, Delano was named Senior Fellow at New Mexico State University. In 2006, he established the International Relations Institute & later was named Interim Dean for International Affairs. Delano has received many honorary degrees and distinguished service awards. He has served on several major corporate boards including J.P. Morgan Chase, Apple, BET, GEICO, ColgatePalmolive, Halliburton & Eastman Kodak. Delano Lewis is the author of the book “It All Begins With Self” – An Amazon Best Seller. Delano Lewis, the father of 4 adult sons and 11 grandchildren.
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