Marko Ivkovic

Serbia Resident Country Director

Mr. Marko Ivkovic comes to the National Democratic Institute (NDI) with seventeen years of experience working with civil society organizations across the Balkans and Eurasia. Ivkovic is responsible for designing and implementing NDI’s Belgrade-based regional program, which supports independent observation of the electoral process, transparency and accountability of governments and parliaments, and inclusion of underrepresented and marginalized groups in politics. Through the program, NDI assists its partners on issues such as leadership development, issue advocacy, citizen outreach, nonpartisan election-related education and monitoring, and broader organizational development. Ivkovic is a specialist in elections monitoring, data processing and organizational management, in addition to other topics relevant to the Institute’s work.

Prior to joining NDI, Ivkovic worked for nine years with the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) in Serbia. While affiliated with CeSID, Mr. Ivkovic participated in numerous election assistance and issue advocacy programs throughout Eurasia and the Balkans, conducted under the auspices of NDI, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO).

Ivkovic holds a BA degree in Organizational Management.

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