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Thursday, March 2, 2017
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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD)

Revamping WITN

With the new year, we are exploring new avenues to communicate about the work of the GWD team and the stories of women in politics around the world. In that light, we will be drawing the curtain down on Women in the News, at least in this format. Thank you for reading -- and in the meantime, be sure to follow our latest updates on Twitter at @NDIWomen, and stay tuned for new developments!>>

Andi Parhamovich Fellowship Blog Series

Be sure to catch the latest edition by former Andi Parhamovich fellow, Ferdos Majeed, who writes about her experience working on democracy programming in Iraq and with NDI: "Now, almost ten years later, I am still involved as a trainer with women’s civil society organizations across Iraq."--Read more here>>

Young Women’s Round Table

On March 9th, NDI will host a roundtable focusing on designing innovative and effective democracy assistance programs to inspire and retain young women’s political participation This roundtable will bring national and international experts from a variety of fields to discuss interventions that will increase the numbers and resilience of young women entering politics and decision-making roles. Stay tuned for more details.

Commission on the Status of Women

On March 14, NDI and the Huairou Commission will host the panel event "How to Make Cities Work for Women’s Economic Empowerment," moderated by Meryl Frank, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The panel will feature women mayors and prominent women grassroots activists from cities across the globe, discussing strategies to ensure urban policy development is adaptive to women and in turn, increases women’s empowerment and economic and political gender equality. Join us between 12:30 and 3:00 pm at the Community Church of New York.

Asia Pacific


The new course getting more women into Australian politics>>


PM Modi to inaugurate 3-day National Women’s Parliament on Friday>>


Manipur polls: Women outnumber males, but few to fight election>>

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands become first nation to ratify global HFC treaty>>


President concerned about gaps in access to quality education>>


Pakistan Electoral Reform Plans Aim to Boost Women's Participation in Politics>>

Central and Eastern Europe


No articles this week. 

Central and West Africa


Liberian women are getting ready to lead in 2017>>


Networking project launched to empower girls in science >>



No articles this week. 

Latin America and the Caribbean


No articles this week. 

Middle East and North Africa


Promotion of women’s political rights, fundamental for Algerian State>>


Will this woman become Iran’s first female president?>>

North America and Western Europe


Women should never be used as political cover>>


Female politicians speak out about sexist, violent cyberbullying>>

United States

Giving Women The Tools and Training To Close The Political Gender Gap>>

United States

Making US History>>

Southern and East Africa


Simmering gender revolution>>

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