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The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

NDI works on five continents with political parties, governments, parliaments and civic groups to establish and strengthen democratic institutions and practices. The Institute uses a multinational approach that reinforces the message that while there is no single democratic model, certain core principles are shared by all democracies. That philosophy has been applied in more than 110 countries since NDI’s founding in 1983. More information about NDI's individual country programs can be found by clicking on the map above or, by region, using the menu below.


Over the last decade, a number of nations that have rejected authoritarian regimes have moved on to second-generation democratic issues. | Read more »

Latin America and the Caribbean

More than 30 years after a wave of democratic change swept through the Americas and enabled citizens to regain fundamental political rights, public confidence in representative institutions remains low. | Read more »

Central and Eastern Europe

The countries in the western Balkans are struggling to solve old conflicts and join the Euro-Atlantic community as stable democracies. | Read more »

Middle East and North Africa

The transition to democratic government is a slow and often difficult process in the Middle East and North Africa, yet unmistakable changes have occurred in recent years. | Read more »


Numerous political parties and civil society organizations now exist across the region, but these groups often struggle to establish themselves as effective advocates and active participants in the political process. | Read more »

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Institute is active across Africa, implementing programs as diverse as the continent itself. | Read more »