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Friday, April 1, 2016
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Women in the News

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Violence should never be the cost of politics -- and our campaign to make sure it isn't was launched at our #NotTheCost Conference on March 17th in New York City. Register for a copy of our Call to Action, that provides practical tools for stopping violence against women in politics, read our new blog that reflects on the meaning of #NotTheCost, or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NotTheCost.

Asia and the Pacific


Gender Equality: Time to Get Our Hands Dirty (Opinion) >>


Fatwa Prevents Women Voting in Chandpur >>


More Women Involvement Need in Conflict Prevention >>


Only 40 Women in Fray for First Phase >>


Discourse: Engaging Men in the Fight for Gender Equality (Interview) >>


Pakistan Determined to Empower Women, Achieve Gender Equality, Says UN Envoy >>


Women Protection Law: Civil Society Urges Government to Implement Law >>

Central and Eastern Europe


No articles this week.

Central and West Africa


Why Buhari Should Appoint More Women - Aremu (Interview) >>


Gender Equality: Is the Giant of Africa on the Global Stage? (Opinion) >>



No articles this week.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Dominican Republic

JCE Proclama las Formulas Presidenciales; Partidos Acuden a Completar Cuota de la Mujer >>


Mexican Government Hopes to Counter Violence Against Women With Gender Alerts >>

Middle East and North Africa


Iran's Election Office Challenges Guardian Council Over Disqualification of Female Lawmaker >>

Southern and East Africa


Former Malawi President Says Women Can Lead Africa >>


Lack of Water Is a Stumbling Block to Gender Equality in Zimbabwe >>


Alignment of Zimbabwe Laws Cited As Key in Addressing Women's Issues >>

North America and Western Europe


Why, 100 Years After Easter Rising, are Irish Women Still Fighting? (Opinion)>>


Brexit is a Feminist Issue (Opinion) >>


Inside the UK's Women's Equality Party >>


The Long, Sexist History of 'Shrill' Women (Opinion) >>


Madame President: Changing Public Attitudes About a Woman President (Blog) >>

Global Policy
Commission on the Status of Women

World Leaders Accused of Backtracking on Gender Equality Commitments >>

Gender Parity

These 15 Jobs Have the Widest Gap in Pay Between Men and Women >>


From Peru to Kosovo, Female MPs Aim to End Abuse of Women in Politics >>

Women Leaders

Meet the World's Greatest Female Leaders >>

Women's Rights

Zika Response - A Chance to Address Gaps in Women's Rights (Opinion) >>

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