Women in the News Newsletter | July 16, 2016 - July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD):

Global Women's Leadership Program

This week, GWD Senior Advisor Caroline Hubbard led NDI's third Global Women's Leadership Program (GWLP) delegation to the final Habitat III Preparatory Committee in Surabaya, Indonesia. Participants included MPs from Ukraine, Pakistan, Burma, and Nigeria. Learn more about GWLP  here.

NDI-Stanford Tech Lab

We are pleased to announce that NDI has partnered with Stanford University to offer a free, open, bilingual (Arabic/English) online course: the Technology for Accountability Lab (#TFALab). This action-oriented course is intended to facilitate learning and collaboration between two audiences: civic activists who have an interest in using technology in their work and technologists who are interested in using their skills to build a more democratic and less corrupt world. For more information or to register, please click here.


Violence should never be the cost of politics -- and our campaign to make sure it isn't was launched at our #NotTheCost Conference on March 17th in New York City. Register for a copy of our Call to Action, which provides practical tools for stopping violence against women in politics, and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NotTheCost.

Asia and the Pacific


Move Over India: Gender Equality in Politics is a Global Farce (Opinion) >>


Women in politics: Are parties doing enough to get women elected?  >>


Bishop acknowledges the low number of women elected is an issue  >>


Female participation in Japanese politics still lags >>


'Thailand is closed to sex trade', says country's first female tourism minister >>

Central and Eastern Europe


No articles this week.

Central and West Africa


Rise of Africa's first woman president foretells Clinton quest (Opinion) >>


Nigerian activists urge action after male senator accused of threatening to beat female colleague  >>



Stories from the women on the front lines of Turkey's coup (Opinion) (Interview) >>

Latin America and the Caribbean


Buenos Aires da pelea a la violencia de género (Spanish) >>


Guatemala prosecutor says threat against her linked to graft prosecution >>


Ex-First Lady rallies to support sex ed bill >>


Peru: Congress elects Chairwoman >>

Middle East and North Africa


Europe Must Help Syria's Women Make Peace (Opinion) >>

Southern and East Africa


Dr. Naomi Shaban dishes out political advice to women aspirants (Profile) >>


Somali women advocate for greater political participation >>


Court upholds Pallisa Woman MP's victory >>

North America and Western Europe


European countries with female prime ministers (Blog)  >>


Canada's female premiers on Hillary Clinton and sexism in politics (Opinion) (Video) >>


Liz Truss sworn in as first ever female lord chancellor >>


100 Black Women Take a Seat for Historic Photo >>


It's Time For Congress To Protect Intimate Privacy (Opinion) >>

Global Policy

Women in Politics

Around The World: Meet the women of power & politics >>

Women in Politics

Women's participation in politics is key to good governance (Opinion)  >>

Gender Quotas

Rebel Girls: How Quota Systems Across the Globe Count Women Into Politics (Blog)  >>


From Hillary to Mayawati, why can't society deal with strong women in politics? (Opinion)  >>

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For 30 years, NDI has been a world leader in promoting women's political participation and supporting the aspirations of women to be equal and active partners in determining the future of their country. Learn more at www.ndi.org.

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