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Friday, June 10, 2016
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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD):


Today, June 10 2016, GWD hosted a working lunch in Geneva in the margins of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Special Rapporteurs, to bring the issue of Violence Against Women in Politics to the foreground of UN and global discussions. GWD Director Sandra Pepera; UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Dr. Dubravka Simonovic; and US Representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Ambassador Keith Harper led the lunch.


Violence should never be the cost of politics -- and our campaign to make sure it isn't was launched at our #NotTheCost Conference on March 17th in New York City. Register for a copy of our Call to Action, which provides practical tools for stopping violence against women in politics, and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NotTheCost.

Asia and the Pacific


Activists Urge Government to Enact Gender Quotas >>


How to Increase Women's Participation in Govt: a Look at Hunan Province (Opinion)  >>


Criticism of Taiwan's 'Single' President Tsai Ing-wen Sparks Anger in China  >>


Where Are the Women? Political Power is Still a Male Domain in India (Opinion)  >>


Two Decades Behind: How to Give Women a Bigger Voice in Japanese Politics (Opinion)  >>


Women 'Protection' Bill: Pakistan Clerics Propose 'Light' Beatings for Wives Who Disobey Husbands >>

Papua New Guinea

Greater Understanding of Women in Politics in Bougainville >>

Central and Eastern Europe


No articles this week.

Central and West Africa


Interview With Amie Sillah-Sarr On Participation of Women in Politics (Interview) >>


Stop Tagging Women in Politics Prostitutes (Opinion) >>


Women's Political Scorecards And Nigeria's Budding Democracy (Opinion) >>


Why Nigerian Women Will Dominate Politics (Opinion) >>


Police Officers Trained in Gender Equality >>

Sierra Leone

'Men Should Not Snub Women' Chief Ishmael Lansana Foday >>



No articles this week.

Latin America and the Caribbean


Brazil and Argentina Unite in Protest Against Culture of Sexual Violence >>


In Argentina, Women Hold Only 22 Percent of Top Government Positions >>


Chile Creates Ministry of Woman and Gender Equality >>

Costa Rica

Gender Equality Ruling Aims for Nearly 50/50 Male-Female Costa Rican Legislature >>

Middle East and North Africa


More Women For Higher Quality in Politics (Opinion) >>


Almost All of Israel's 32 Women in Parliament Have Been Sexually Harassed or Assaulted >>

Southern and East Africa


More Women Voters in Somaliland >>

North America and Western Europe


Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter Crack Down on Online Hate Speech in EU  >>


Why I'm Campaigning to Reclaim the Internet From Sexist Trolls (Opinion)  >>


Young Muslim American Women Try to Succeed in Politics in Ways Their Fathers Couldn't >>


Why the Woman Voter is a Myth (Opinion)  >>

Global Policy

Feminist Issues

'I Was Just Flesh With No Face, No Name': Five Women on Being Objectified  >>

Feminist Issues

#HeforShe: Why These Guys Speak Up For Women's Rights  >>

Women Leaders

Women Who Rule The World: The 26 Most Powerful Female Political Leaders Of 2016  >>

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