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Friday, May 13, 2016
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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD):

MKA Luncheon

NDI's annual Madeleine K. Albright lunch, celebrating women's political leadership around the world, is on May 18. It's not too late to join us! Tickets for the event can be reserved here. This year's winner of the Madeleine K. Albright Grant is the Macedonian organization Reactor: read more about their work here.



Our 2016 Andi Parhamovich Fellow Sehrish Naseem, will be giving special remarks at the Madeleine K. Albright Luncheon. Read more about her experience and her dedication to empowering women in Pakistan on her blog for NDI.


Violence should never be the cost of politics -- and our campaign to make sure it isn't was launched at our #NotTheCost Conference on March 17th in New York City. Register for a copy of our Call to Action, which provides practical tools for stopping violence against women in politics, and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NotTheCost.

Asia and the Pacific


ASEAN Commission to Release Report on Women's Rights, Gender Equality >>


Gender Inequality Continues to Plague Government Under NLD >>


Female Official Takes High-Ranking Post in E China  >>


Once a Matriarchal Society, Kerala Has Now Relegated Its Women to Background (Opinion) >>


10% Women Candidates in the Four Poll-Bound States >>


Female Journalists, Called 'Presstitutes', Face Extreme Harassment in India  >>


Philippines Elects First Transgender Woman to Congress  >>


Taiwan Women's Groups Decry Low Numbers of Female Officials in New Government  >>

Central and Eastern Europe


Bulgarian Socialists Pick First Female Leader, Eye Early Election  >>

Central and West Africa


PDP Women Urged to Step as Leader Chikwe Quits >>


Senator Binta Masi Garba - Queen of the Red Chamber (Profile) >>



No articles this week.

Latin America and the Caribbean


Activists Say Indigenous Women Still Absent in Latin American Politics >>


Women, Politics and Possibilities >>


Zapping Politics >>


Gender Equality: a Global Challenge (Blog) >>


Women in Mexico City Are Fighting Back Against Rampant Public Sexual Harassment >>

Middle East and North Africa


The Changing Face of Women's Political Participation in the Middle East (Opinon) >>


Iran Elections: Rouhani Notes Record 6% Women Elected >>


Iran's New Parliament Will Have More Women Than Clerics >>


Women In Politics Summit Begins in Jordan >>

Southern and East Africa


Kenyan Women Suffer Setback After MPs Fail to Pass Gender Bill >>


Joyce Banda: Malawi's First Female President Says "Western Assertiveness" Does Not Work For African Women >>


Zimbabwe's Heroines Uncelebrated (Opinion) >>

North America and Western Europe


France 'Sexual Harassment' Politician Denis Baupin Quits >>


French Female Politicians Slam 'Impunity' of Lustful Colleagues  >>


We need the Women's Equality Party - We'll See Driverless Cars Before Equal Pay (Opinion) >>


We Have Prominent Female Scottish Party Leaders - But Where Are the Rest of the Women? (Opinion) >>


I'm a Lifelong Tory but My Vote's Going to the Women's Equality Party. Here's Why (Blog)  >>


Why The Most Sexist Arena is Still Electoral Politics (Profile)  >>


Here's What Happens When Men Write About the Gender Pay Gap (Opinion)  >>


Why Hillary Clinton's Promise of a Gender Equal Cabinet is So Shrewd (Opinion)  >>

Global Policy

Gender & Urbanization

Women-Only Train Carriages? What a Ridiculously Regressive Idea (Opinion)  >>

Feminist Issues

'The Devil is in the Details': Development, Women's Rights and Religious Fundamentalism (Opinion)  >>

Feminist Issues

Dude, Where Are The Women? #AllMalePanels In Global Development (Opinion)  >>

Women in Politics

Global Gender Gap in Politics Wide, Women Legislators Say >>

Women Leaders

What Happens When You Elect Women, According to Science  >>

Women Leaders

'Peace Matters to Women': Helen Clark Launches Campaign to Lead UN  >>

Women's Rights

The Big Picture: Empowering, Not Just Reaching, All Women and Girls (Opinion)  >>

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