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Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD):


NDI's annual Madeleine K. Albright lunch, celebrating women's political leadership around the world, was on May 18. At the lunch, our Chairman, former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright presented this year's Madeleine K. Albright Grant to the Macedonian organization Reactor for their work to support women in politics. You can read more about their work and their plans for the award here. At the luncheon Senator Amy Klobuchar gave inspiring remarks about the power of women working together to create change, and our 2016 Andi Parhamovich Fellow, Sehrish Naseem also gave special remarks about her experience working with NDI to empower women in Pakistan.


Violence should never be the cost of politics -- and our campaign to make sure it isn't was launched at our #NotTheCost Conference on March 17th in New York City. Register for a copy of our Call to Action, which provides practical tools for stopping violence against women in politics, and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NotTheCost.

Asia and the Pacific


Hasina Calls for Safer Environment for Women >>


Women Encouraged to Enter Politics  >>


Female Official Takes High-Ranking Post in E China  >>


Assembly Elections 2016: Two Powerful Woman Leaders, Two Historic Wins  >>


Cultural Barriers Hamper Women's Political Participation: UN Women (Opinion) >>


Please Don't Downplay Gender, Madame President (Opinion)  >>


Taiwan, the Place to be a Woman in Politics (Opinion)  >>

Central and Eastern Europe


Special Prosecution: New Faces, New Hope in Macedonia (Opinion)  >>

Central and West Africa


Rwanda Steps Up He4She Campaign >>



No articles this week.

Latin America and the Caribbean


Costa Rica 2nd in Gender Equality in Central America >>


How Rousseff has Highlighted Brazil's Sexism Problem (Opinion) >>

Middle East and North Africa


Women in Iran are Cutting Off Their Hair and Dressing as Men to Escape the 'Morality Police' >>


Women Risking It All To Flee Syria for a New Start in Europe >>

Southern and East Africa


Inoge Wina Calls For More Women in Politics >>

North America and Western Europe


'I Need Help': Sophie Gregoire Trudeau's Plea Sparks Anger in Canada  >>


Ruth Ellen Brosseau Says She's Faced Accusations Of 'Crying Wolf' After Trudeau Dust-Up >>


'We Can No Longer Stay Silent': Fury Erupts Over Sexism in French Politics >>


French Women Fight Back (Opinion)  >>


Women's Equality Party Launches New Campaign to Tackle Revenge Porn and Protect Women Online  >>


Diane Abbott, Hannah Bardell and Jo Swinson on Cyber Abuse  >>


Sadiq Khan Puts Women to the Fore in Latest Appointments to Mayoral Team  >>


Seattle Women: Don't Let Hateful Voices Intimidate You Into Silence or Inaction (Opinion)  >>


How Much Do You Know About Women in Politics?  >>

Global Policy

Gender & Technology

When Will the Internet Be Safe for Women? (Opinion)  >>

Feminist Issues

'Breaking the Shackles of Shame': the Rape Survivors Leading a New Wave of Activism  >>

Feminist Issues

Women-only Gyms Are a World Away from Boys' Clubs Such As Muirfield (Opinion)  >>

Women in Politics

Stop Policing Women's Voices (Blog)  >>

Women in Politics

Brazil's New Cabinet Reminds Us There are Woefully Few Female MPs (Opinion) >>

Women Leaders

12 Most Powerful Women in Politics >>

Violence Against Women

Can the UN Stop Violence Against Women and Girls? (Interview)  >>

Women's Rights

4 Ways for the Private Sector to Support Women's Health (Opinion)  >>

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