Women in the News Newsletter | September 11, 2015 - September 24, 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015

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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD):


@NDIWomen, participated in a Twitter #DemTalk hosted by NDI, IFES and IRI on the International Day of Democracy, September 15. The Tweet Talk focused on the role civil society plays in strengthening democracy. Read the full conversation -- which involved 100 users from around the world, over 500 posts and well over 1 million impressions -- here.

Running Start

GWD hosted Jessica Grounds, co-chair of the board of directors at Running Start, on Tuesday, September 15th in another Democracy Day even. Grounds led a lively discussion of the current state of young women’s participation in politics, the opportunities and barriers for young women interested in politics and Running Start’s model for female youth engagement as seen through a global lens. Take a look at GWD's publication, Democracy and the Challenge of Change for more information on encouraging women and girls to engage in politics.

Stop VAW-E Campaign

NDI and civic education partner, the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), launched the Stop Violence against Women in Elections Campaign on September 1st in Abuja, Nigeria. See this week's articles about Nigeria below for more information. Also, follow GWD's Twitter hashtag, #VotesWithoutViolence for future developments.

Asia and the Pacific


Malcolm Turnbull Cabinet Reshuffle: Women, Young MPs the Big Winners in '21st Century' Team >>


Myanmar Army Chief Says He Would Welcome Woman President >>


Organizers Commemorate Historic Women's Conference at Event in Beijing >>


Parliament Team Continues Community Engagement  >>


Women Have No Nationality (Opinion) >>


Women Urged to Participate in Elections >>

Central and Eastern Europe


"I'm Not Giving Up": Poland's First Transgender MP Anna Grodzka on Her Activism (Profile) >>

Central and West Africa


MFWA Congratulates Women Elected in Local Elections >>


Halting Violence against Women in Nigeria's Electoral Process >>


Stephanie Okereke Becomes Women's Anti Violence Ambassador >>


No articles this week 

Latin America and the Caribbean


Bahamas: Sixteen Complete First Leadership for Women in Politics Course >>


 Más del 30% de Candidatos a Elecciones Territoriales Son Mujeres >>


Tres Duras del Congreso Desafían el Machismo en la Política (Interview/Entrevista) >>

Trinidad & Tobago

Network Congratulates Women MPs >>

Middle East and North Africa


Women Make Up 5% of 2015 Parliament Candidates >>


La Représentativité Politique des Femmes: Un Enjeu Important pour le Maroc >>

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Women Register to Vote and Run for Office in Municipal Elections (Opinion) >>

Southern and East Africa

Women's Rights And The Constitution (Opinion)  >>


Malawi Electoral Body Proposes Increase of Women in Parliament >>

South Africa

South Africa: CGE Recommends Law on Gender Transformation in Judiciary >>

South Africa

We Need Big Women in Politics (Opinion) >>


NGOCC Calls for Adoption of More Women in 2016 Elections >>

North America and Western Europe


Pour la Première Fois, il y a Plus de Femmes que D'hommes Ministres >>


Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet in Full >>


A Toxic Work World (Opinion) >>

Global Policy


Gender Should Be Part of the Conversation Across *All* SDGs (Blog) >>


Global Goals on Women's Rights Are a Pale Imitation of Promises Made in Beijing (Opinion) >>

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