The Andi Parhamovich Fellowship

At the 2007 NDI Democracy Luncheon, Board Chairman Madeleine K. Albright announced the establishment of the Andi Parhamovich Fellowship, named in honor of NDI staff member Andi Parhamovich, 28, who was killed on January 17, 2007, when her convoy was attacked while returning from a political party training session in Baghdad.

“The Andi Parhamovich Fellowship reflects Andi’s dedication to the participation of women in politics, to democracy, and to reconciliation between people of different ideologies and faiths,” said Dr. Albright in making the announcement. “The fellowship is named in her honor, but it was Andi who brought honor to the name and work of NDI, through her selflessness, dedication and courage.”

Each year, the fellowship will bring to Washington, D.C., a young woman—selected from NDI local staff or partner organizations in one of 65 countries where the Institute operates—who is deeply involved in building and consolidating democracy in her own country by advancing the participation of women. The Andi Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Andi’s family and friends, participates in the selection process and provides additional financial support for the fellowship.

Past recipients include:

The Fellowship is designed to enhance the skills of young women so they can better organize for the full political participation of women in their societies, contributing to the development of democracies that reflect the hopes and aspirations of all their citizens.

The Andi Parhamovich Fellowship recognizes the commitment and courage of dedicated advocates who are today struggling against tremendous odds to end conflict and offer alternatives to political extremes. Their daily efforts may not make headlines, but their hard work forms the basis of democratic transformations that take hold at the grassroots level.

The past seven fellows have completed a range of projects that include, conducting research on the functional role of women’s parliamentary caucuses in different countries to identify best practices suited to the needs of Nepal and Somalia; designing a program to connect women at the national- and local-level focused on gender-responsive budgeting; developing training materials on how to mainstream gender into election observation in Liberia; developing a program to raise awareness on the importance of women’s leadership and train women candidates and office holders in Guatemala; and supporting civil society to develop efficient advocacy campaigns to increase women’s political participation in Georgia. Fellows returned to their home countries better prepared to promote opportunities for women to actively participate in politics and positively contribute to their organizations and societies.

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