Democracy and Technology
Democracy and Technology


In 2017, over half of humanity will be online – one of the biggest societal shifts in history. Expanding Internet access has had huge impacts on everyday lives as people talk, shop and learn on their phones and computers. Citizens expect their governments, political parties and civic groups to keep up. However, these key democratic institutions often fall behind, unable to communicate in the ways today’s connected citizens expect. For over a decade, NDItech has worked with civic and political groups around the world as they navigate this digital transformation. The team shares proven strategies, peer-to-peer connections, and practical tools to improve transparency, accountability and citizen input. NDItech’s partners range from Silicon Valley’s largest technology companies to individual civic innovators in developing countries. Driving innovation, NDItech identifies and scales disruptive technologies adapted to the needs of the developing world. The Internet brings the world closer, but it also brings new risks to those it connects. NDI provides its local partners with the tools and knowledge they need to protect themselves against threats from hackers and harassers online, and advocate for a free and open Internet where the rights of assembly, association and speech can be fully expressed. 

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In the wake of NYT’s massive Facebook story yesterday you might’ve missed that FB issued a new transparency report…
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#DesignSprint day 3: @LTANoCorruption came up with a user-centered product strategy.
NDItech @nditech
We will soon need legislation requiring that AI chatbots disclose they are not human when initiating conversations…
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Brainstorming theories of change for fighting #disinformation with @article19org @ICFJ @NotreDame at @USAIDDRG Very…
NDItech @nditech
#DesignSprint day 2: User mapping with @LTAnocorruption-- you can’t #design without knowing your user.
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The Open Internet for Democracy Playbook is a guide for advocates of digital freedoms that outlines tailored approa…
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