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NDI has worked in Nepal since 1994, conducting programs on political party and parliamentary development, voter and civic education, domestic election observation, and youth and women’s political empowerment.

After a decade-long civil war, reconciliation and years of political deadlock, the Government of Nepal succeeded in enacting a new constitution in September 2015 to move the country forward into a new era through the introduction of a federal system of government. Historic elections successfully took place in 2017 at the national, provincial and local level, resulting in an increase in the representation of women and marginalized peoples across all tiers of government. 

NDI’s current programs are focused on strengthening the country’s electoral and legislative processes to increase transparency, inclusivity, and accountability. Program areas include:  promoting citizen dialogues with elected representatives to discuss key policy issues; supporting technical skills-building to help elected representatives navigate and fulfill their roles in Nepal’s new federal structure; and strengthening the capacity of political parties and party representatives, including women, youth and marginalized groups, to implement inclusive and citizen-responsive policies. In tandem with these efforts, NDI is supporting the work of civil society to advance government transparency and accountability in the utilization of public funds for infrastructure projects. 

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