The Madeleine K. Albright Democracy Award
The Madeleine K. Albright Democracy Award
The Madeleine K. Albright Democracy Award is NDI's highest honor, presented to an individual or organization that has demonstrated a commitment to democracy and human rights.

The Madeleine K. Albright Democracy Award will be given to a recipient who evokes Secretary Albright’s commitment to democratic values. This annual award demonstrates NDI's ongoing gratitude to leadership and vision by recognizing global leaders who rise to her clarion call and champion a democratic future.

Award Criteria

The Institute's Board of Directors considers the following factors when presenting the Award:

  1. Sustained commitment. Recipient has advanced the cause of democracy and human rights for a sustained period.

  2. Demonstrates moral integrity. Recipient embodies or reflects a respect for universal human values and has served as a catalyst for democratic transition, often at personal risk.

  3. Engaged in the political process. Recipient is a leader in the political arena.

  4. Recognized efforts or requires solidarity. NDI tries to balance its Awards by choosing recipients who are internationally recognized and those who are courageous, but lesser known, democrats in need of international solidarity and protection.

  5. Represents larger political movement. Recipient represents an organization, party or coalition that has played a central role in advancing democratic change.

  6. Connected to NDI’s work. Recipient comes from countries or groups with which NDI has worked.


Past recipients of the Award have included:

Full List of Honorees

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