Key Considerations: Design Requirements

Last updated on December 17, 2013

For Implementing Bodies 

  • Do the general requirements set out for an electronic voting and/or counting system address issues of secrecy, transparency, accountability, usability/accessibility and security?
  • Is there a process to ensure consultation and solicit feedback on the general requirements for an electronic voting or counting system?
  • Do existing products meet the requirements or will a new system need to be designed?
  • Does the system maximize the ability for all voters to cast their ballots in an accurate, effective and efficient manner?
  • Does the system meet existing standards on usability and accessibility?
  • Are external factors such as the environmental conditions in which the equipment will be required to function and the reliability of the power supply throughout the country been considered for the design requirements?
  • How will equipment be transported and stored and do these considerations impact the design of the equipment?

For Oversight Actors

  • Is the process of defining design requirements inclusive by, for example, seeking the input of various stakeholders, including political parties and civil society? 
  • Are there specific requirements to ensure that the systems are developed in a manner that maximizes the usability for all voters and the access afforded to groups of voters who may normally struggle to participate in the electoral process, such as voters with visual impairments, hearing impairments or motor difficulties, as well as illiterates or those from minority language groups? 
  • What tests and/or research, if any, have been conducted to assess the usability and accessibility of equipment? Was it conducted among voters from diverse demographics and among those who may normally struggle to participate? 
  • Is the work of developing technical requirements made available to the public? 
  • Are the experts responsible for developing design requirements mandated, and are they required to disclose any affiliations with interested parties (i.e., potential vendors)? 
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