Key Considerations: Evaluation of System

Last updated on December 17, 2013

For Implementing Bodies

  • Is a comprehensive post-election system of evaluation in place, and are the responsibilities for this evaluation clearly defined (for example, between project management committee, another oversight body, or independent consultants)?
  • Are resources available to commission post-election surveys and focus groups to collect information about voters’ experiences using the technology?
  • Does the evaluation focus on the original objectives of the project, and to what extent they have been achieved with the adoption of the electronic voting or counting system?
  • Are issues such as efficiency, usability, accessibility, accuracy, security, and cost among others considered in the evaluation?
  • Are the number of complaints received about the electronic voting or counting system and the nature of these complaints also evaluated?
  • Will interviews be conducted with voters, election officials at various levels, candidate and party representatives, election observers and journalists?
  • Will post election evaluation reports serve as the basis for post-election roundtable discussions among stakeholders about the project?
  • How will the findings from the evaluation be used to improve the process in the future, in time for the next election cycle?

For Oversight Actors

  • Does the evaluation of the electronic technologies involve a broad range of stakeholders, including election officials, party representatives, observers, and voters?  
  • Are evaluation reports made available to the public?
  • Have election officials facilitated any post-election dialogues or other mechanisms to provide stakeholders an opportunity to offer recommendations for future improvements?
  • Is there an EMB mechanism in place for tracking the implementation of stakeholder and evaluator recommendations ahead of the next election cycle?
  • Have oversight actors evaluated their own efforts to monitor the new technologies and have they shared their findings with the EMB and the public?
  • Are oversight actors preparing to assess and adapt their own methodologies in relation to future electronic voting and counting implementation plans?
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