Key Considerations: Internet Voting

Last updated on December 17, 2013

For Implementing Bodies 

  • What measures have been taken to build trust among stakeholders and especially voters in the development of the internet voting system?
  • What technical solutions have been put in place to respect the secrecy of the vote?
  • As an important goal of electronic voting technology, what efforts were made to ensure and enhance accessibility across all voter groups?
  • How have traditional and new stakeholders been included throughout the design and implementation process of internet voting?
  • Is there proactive engagement with those opposed to internet voting in order to address their concerns? 

For Oversight Actors

  • What limitations do observers and parties face in assessing the integrity of internet voting?  Are there alternative strategies they can adopt to monitor the process?
  • What measures have been taken to ensure voters have a solid basis to trust internet voting systems? What level of trust do voters have in the system as a result?
  • Do all stakeholders support the adoption of internet voting, and if not, how have concerns been addressed by the authorities?
  • How does internet voting affect accessibility for different communities, who may have highly unequal internet access? If inequities are created, are there alternative (i.e., traditional) means by which voters disadvantaged by internet voting can cast their ballots? Has the accessibility of traditional voting methods been improved to compensate for the improved accessibility for internet voters? 
  • To address the reduced transparency associated with internet voting, are responsibilities separated among those administering elections for different stages of the internet voting process? 
  • To what extent is the secrecy of the vote protected? For example, do voters have the opportunity to repeat and cancel their votes? Is the online voter authentication secure? Are the voting servers secure?  How has this security been demonstrated to the public?
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