Key Considerations: Project and Risk Management

Last updated on December 17, 2013

For Implementing Bodies 

  • Has a project management body been established?
  • Are measures in place to ensure that project staff time can be sufficiently devoted to the project in the presence of other responsibilities?
  • Has a detailed plan and timeline that sets out each stage of the project as well as the deadlines to be met been drafted? Is there some flexibility built into the plan in case some activities take longer than anticipated?
  • Has a full management plan been developed?
  • Will the plan be reviewed on a regular basis by the project management body to ensure that targets are being met?
  • Is a broader consultation group with a wide range of interests and organizations represented also involved in the process of implementing the project?

For Oversight Actors

  • Is the project management body inclusive and diverse so as to involve a broad set of skills in implementing electronic voting and counting?
  • Has the project management body made its detailed plan and timeline available to the public so that stakeholders can hold management bodies accountable to targets and deadlines?
  • Does the project management body produce periodic progress reports for the public, and/or are stakeholders invited to attend certain meetings to be briefed on progress?
  • Has the EMB conducted a full security risk assessment, taking into account technical, logistical and legal issues that could arise? 
  • Has the risk management plan been made public so that stakeholders may provide input?
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