Key Considerations: Software/Hardware Maintenance, Storage and Update

Last updated on December 17, 2013

For Implementing Bodies 

  • Is the EMB aware of the environmental conditions that should be addressed when storing the electronic voting or counting equipment?
  • Are suitable storage locations available, and are these storage locations guarded and do they have appropriate and clearly identified access control systems?
  • Is a maintenance schedule for the equipment established and implemented?
  • Is all access to the storage location logged and explained?
  • Are the electronic voting and counting machines configured before the elections so that they are programmed for the type of elections being conducted and the political entities on the ballots?

For Oversight Actors 

  • Has the electronic equipment been stored in a secure location between elections in a manner that prevents unauthorized tampering? 
  • Are party representatives and observers allowed to monitor routine access to stored electronic equipment?
  • Do observers and party observers have access to monitor the process of configuring and upgrading machines before elections? 
  • Are the checking, maintenance, upgrade and configuration of equipment conducted by the EMB or the vendor? If by the vendor, does the EMB have the capacity to properly oversee these processes? 
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