Key Considerations: Standards for Implementation

Last updated on December 17, 2013

For Implementing Bodies 

  • How broad is participation by recognized technical institutions in the process for defining national standards for implementation of electronic and voting technologies?
  • Has an expert committee been established to help define the national standards?
  • To what extent have international/regional standards been considered in the development of national standards?
  • Do the national standards consider technical features that must be complied with?
  • Has consensus been achieved among experts on the defined standards?
  • Have the experiences of other countries been considered in the development of national standards?

For Oversight Actors

  • How transparent and inclusive is the process of defining national standards for electronic technologies? For example, are technical institutions/experts involved, and are public consultations held with civil society, political actors and voters? 
  • To what extent do the national standards comply with have international and regional principles, and standards, and best practices been considered in the development of national standards? 
  • To what extent have existing national technical requirements been taken into account? 
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