Key Considerations: Tabulation

Last updated on December 17, 2013

For Implementing Bodies 

  • Is results transmission simultaneously conducted through more than one channel?
  • Is the path of results transmission clearly defined?
  • Is the tabulation process designed to be transparent for party representatives and observers, and is the tabulation publicly available in a verifiable format?

For Oversight Actors 

  • Are sufficient security measures in place to prevent interference with the electronic transmission process?
  • Are polling station level results published on the Internet in an easily-verifiable format? 
  • Is the tabulation process at all levels fully transparent for party representatives and observers?  For example, can observers witness the data being uploaded or entered into the tabulation computers? 
  • How has the announcement of results changed with the implementation of new technologies (i.e., are results announced more quickly?), and how does this affect the post-election political dynamic and overall public confidence? 
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