Travis Adkins

Member, DC Chapter of NDI's Advisory Council

Mr. Travis L. Adkins is a Lecturer of African and Security Studies at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. As an international development leader, he has two decades of experience working in governance, civil society and humanitarian affairs in over 50 nations throughout Africa and the Middle East. This includes serving as Staff Director of the House Subcommittee on Africa, working with leading international NGOs and think tanks, as well as within several branches of the United Nations system.Travis is an alumnus of the International Affairs Fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations, an Aspen Ideas Festival Scholar and a recipient of academic appointments from Carnegie Mellon and New York Universities. Mr. Adkins has served in numerous international election observation missions in Africa and the Middle East with the National Democratic Institute, and is the creator and host of the “On Africa” podcast, which engages diverse thought leaders in conversation on the continent's politics, history and culture.

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