Civil Society Guide on Monitoring Social Media During Elections

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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The European Union's "Guide for Civil Society on Monitoring Social Media During Elections" developed by Democracy Reporting International (DRI) in partnership with NDI and SOFRECO under the EU-funded "Supporting Democracy" program, provides an overview of the challenges the increased political use of social media presents to democratic elections, and provides a framework to establish online election monitoring efforts, how to produce evidence to help counter threats to democratic discourse and strategies to help shape better regulation. Readers will find practical guidance to help develop a social media monitoring methodology around elections, including identifying target platforms, timelines, monitoring topics and tools, as well as outreach and advocacy strategies to maximize impact. The guide was prepared by DRI and encompasses feedback from a working group including NDI and other international election observers, citizen election monitors, academics, and civic technologists from around the world.

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