Co/Act: Human Centered Design for Activists

Monday, February 13, 2023

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Human-centered design frameworks start by identifying who a product is for and then placing them at the center of the product strategy. The Co/Act toolkit adapts and expands this approach to design digital products, services, or campaigns through modular do-it-yourself style activities that are aggressively low cost, high impact, interdisciplinary, and focused on building the capacity of participants. Co/Act will help you design more powerful products, services, and campaigns by centering them on your community, stakeholders, and colleagues - ensuring that the end result is more inclusive and therefore democratic.

The toolkit is divided into a facilitator’s guide and a participant guide. The participant guide includes key concepts and terms, information on each module, and tips for participants as they complete the activity. The facilitator’s guide includes more information on how to run each activity and tips for facilitation. 

Are you ready to design your next product, service, or campaign with Co/Act? Take a look at our facilitator or participant guides in English, Arabic, Spanish, or French below. 

Updated February 2023

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